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New!! Fitness & Bodywork!

Updated: Sep 15, 2022

Exciting Announcement!!

We will now be offering Fitness & Bodywork Services at Sports Massage & Rehabilitation, thanks to our new teammate, Kendra (@mindbodyphysique)!

Please help us give Kendra a warm welcome, & checkout these new services in our lineup.

Link in bio to book online. There is something for everyone, at every level!

3D Fitness Training: Balance your biomechanics through mobility, stability, & flexibility movements that target your proprioceptors while strengthening your muscles, tendons, & joints. Great for beginners to high-performing athletes. Each session is catered to meet your goals through the most efficient & minimalist training. All ages & fitness levels are welcome; virtual training is available. Bodywork: A restorative flow of 3D yoga stretches, Thai massage acupressure, & joint mobilization blended to increase circulation, mobility, & flexibility. Enjoy an hour on the table or a traditional Thai massage mat for a full-body energy reset. Excellent for those with pain, movement limitations, or chronic health issues & highly recommended for physically active participants of all ages. 3D Fitness & Bodywork Hybrid: Perfect for those with pain, injuries, chronic health issues, pre/post-surgery, or active individuals that enjoy a workout & hands-on myofascial release/stretching. All ages & fitness levels are welcome! Each session is customized to meet your body's needs.

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