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Please Help Us Give a Warm Welcome!

Please Welcome ​Tian!!

Today is her first day with Sports Massage & Rehabilitation!

Tian has been a massage therapist and skin care specialist for over 20 years. She has so many services to offer. Check them out below!

🔆Swedish & Deep Tissue Massage

🔆Lymphatic Detox

🔆Traditional Chinese medical practices such as:





•Tendon Therapy

As an Aesthetician she is experienced in:

🔆Facial Lymphatic Detox

🔆Facial Lifting

🔆Deep Clean

🔆DDS therapy (detox and balance)

🔆Multi-function Facial Bubble Treatments

Tian is passionate about keeping the needs and wishes of the clients heard by emphasizing communication of sensible treatment plans and products to achieve a mutual understanding of targeted results. She will be a great addition to the team and perfect for our clients!

Check out her full bio here!

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