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Mike Gibson Lockpicking Detail Overkill chrvidy




Mike gibson lockpicking detail overkill. Be sure to sign up for his free e-mail newsletter to get the latest. Check it out:. To access the online lockpicking manual from Lock Picking: Detail Overkill, take a look at the extensive index by location on the right side. Mike Gibson's "Lock Picking: Detail Overkill" is a little hard to digest, but he breaks things down a bit here and there. And that's not an accident. Details are often used to make it difficult to pass inspection. A: There's also Bruce D. Christensen's Lock Picking Online which includes a lesson on pin tumblers. The PDF is available online. Q: Android Load An Array Into TextView I have an ArrayList that I am trying to load into a TextView. I am able to successfully load into a textView, but it is only ever one item. I'm thinking I'm missing something in my code. Here's the code: final TextView text = (TextView)findViewById(; text.setText(stringArray); This is in the onCreate method of my activity. The stringArray contains all of my words I'd like to display. A: You are not adding all of the Strings to the arrayList, use the add() method to add a String to the list and then add the list to your TextView. You can then use the toString() method of your List to get all of the Strings. A: You are adding each string to the TextView one at a time. You need to use the StringBuilder. The easiest way is to create a String that concatenates all of the Strings, then add that to your TextView. String allStrings = ""; for (String string : stringArray) { allStrings += string; } final TextView text = (TextView)findViewById(; text.setText(allStrings); This will allow you to also customize how the strings are displayed to the user. If the String contains carriage returns or linefeeds it will replace the




Mike Gibson Lockpicking Detail Overkill chrvidy

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