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Kendra Solow
FAFS 3D Movement Specialist
Certified CBD Coach

Kendra Solow is a FAFS 3D Movement Specialist and Certified CBD Coach with 11+ years of experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor. She’s coached different age groups from children to professional athletes and seniors pre/post-rehab from Florida to California.

After graduating from college in 2012 with a degree in exercise science and physiology, Kendra moved to Boulder, Colorado, where she studied yoga, holistic living, and cannabis. This inspired her next move in 2014 to the Pacific Northwest, where Mind Body Physique LLC was founded in Oregon.


She's worked and lived very close to nature in off-grid locations pursuing a self-sustainable lifestyle over the past several years. Kendra discovered her healing through nature, fitness, and cannabis as she overcame anxiety, depression, and bulimia.


In 2018 she graduated from a 40-week mentorship through the Gray Institute, where she studied Applied Functional Science. With this advanced education,

Kendra recognized how movement paired with cannabis could work synergistically in creating biomechanical alignment and endocannabinoid homeostasis in the human body.


She’s highly passionate about teaching others how to build a balanced, self-sustainable body, mind and soul that's confident from the inside out through 3D fitness, bodywork, cannabis, and nature.


Miss Solow resides in her hometown of Naples, FL, with her family, boyfriend, and their two Australian cattle dogs. Kendra loves being outdoors, boating, gardening and is working towards owning land to cultivate hemp in the near future.



3D Fitness Training Session (45 min.) $90

Balance your biomechanics through mobility, stability, and flexibility movements that target your proprioceptors while strengthening your muscles, tendons, and joints. Great for beginners to high-performing athletes. Each session is catered to meet your goals through the most efficient and minimalist training. All ages and fitness levels are welcome; virtual training is available.


Bodywork Session (1hr) $150

A restorative flow of 3D yoga stretches, Thai massage acupressure, and joint mobilization (FMR) blended to increase circulation, mobility, and flexibility. Enjoy an hour on the table or a traditional Thai massage mat for a full-body energy reset. Excellent for those with pain, movement limitations, or chronic health issues and highly recommended for physically active participants of all ages. Please dress to be stretched.


3D Fitness and Bodywork Hybrid Session (1hr) $150

30 min. 3D Fitness Training Session and 30 min. Bodywork Session in one. Perfect for those with pain, injuries, chronic health issues, pre/post-surgery, or active individuals that enjoy a workout + hands-on myofascial release/stretching. All ages and fitness levels are welcome! Each session is customized to meet your body's needs. Please dress to be stretched.

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