Our (Your) Dedicated and Passionate Staff

Cassandra Faulkner, LMT

Cassandra has been coming to Florida her whole life, but she didn’t become a full time resident until 2003. After doing some student nursing, she realized she has a passion for rehab. Cassandra graduated from Heritage Institute in Ft. Myers, FL in 2006 with over 1,200 credited hours of training. She specializes in Neuromuscular Trigger Point Therapy and has learned many advanced techniques. She has also added the skill and knowledge of medical devices to aid in the client’s rehabilitation, like Medi-Cupping and Micro Currents. Cassandra has also been trained in Ashiatsu, Thai, Sports and Medical Massage. She is known for her Deep Tissue work, along with being able to create a relaxing environment. She enjoys helping people reach their goals of health and overall well-being through rehabilitation massage. All training and modalities are uniquely combined to create an individual massage to meet each clients needs. Raised in the Midwest, she embraces sports and the outdoor activities that relate to each season. Loving life and all it has to offer, she hopes to help others enjoy life to the fullest.

License #:  MA-50371

Luda Brown, LMT

​Luda was born in Siberia, Russia. She moved to Naples, FL with her family in 2004. She is a second generation massage therapist in her family. Luda graduated from Bonita Springs Massage school in Bonita Springs, FL. She is certified in Deep Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Lymphatic Drainage and Craniosacral Therapy. Adding even more techniques and modalities, she recently trained in Medi-Cupping, Ashiatsu, Thai Massage and Myoskeletal Alignment! Using her skills from all these different techniques, Luda combines them in the Rehabilitation Massage to fit the client's needs for the best results! In her free time, she likes to play piano and guitar, swimming, fishing and hiking.

License #:  MA-69024


Michael McMahan, LMT

Michael, a long time Naples resident, has 20+ years experience in the massage and bodywork industry. He specializes in pain relief and movement dysfunction, with a focus on the postural alignment of the body and the mobility/stability of the joints. Michael, after Postural Assessment, uses Deep Tissue bodywork, Myofascial Stretching, Movement Education and a variety of other tools to specifically address your pain and movement dysfunction. 

License #:  MA-19023

Erika Cosio, LMT

Erika is experienced in Deep Tissue and Rehabilitation Therapy. She is passionate about continually learning and perfecting more skills to help her clients. She is trained in Medi-Cupping, Dolphin Neurostims and Vacu-Lymph Drainage. She is well versed in Myoskeletal Alignment. Her latest education was earned at a seminar on hip therapy. Next up for Erika's drive to learn more, Physiokinetix courses.
License #:  MA-80821


Loa Dacosta, LMT

Loa was born in Cuba. Nineteen years ago, she moved to Italy where she started working as a massage therapist. She has lived in Naples since 2016. Loa is certified in Medical Massage, and training in Medi-Cupping and MPS Pain & Scar Therapy. She enjoys boxing and weight training, which helps her understanding of what the body needs to stay at an optimal level.


License #:  MA-93411

Tian Tian, LMT

​Tian has been a massage therapist and skin care specialist for over 20 years in China, Russia and the United States. She has trained in both Florida and China, mastering Swedish and deep tissue massage, lymphatic detox, and traditional Chinese medical practices such as cupping, scraping, reflexology, channel-brushing and tendon therapy. As an Aesthetician she practices both treating and educating her clients in regimens of skin care and beauty preservation, utilizing her many skills in this process:  facial lymphatic detox, facial lifting, deep clean, DDS therapy (detox and balance), and Multi-function facial bubble treatments. With all these skills, Tian is able to accurately identify the needs of clients and provide the most effective treatment. She is passionate about keeping the needs and wishes of the clients heard by emphasizing communication of sensible treatment plans and products to achieve a mutual understanding of targeted results. Tian's personal motto is to continuously learn and improve in treatment methods and instrument application.

License #:  MA-92098