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PhysioKinetix is a neuroscience based, movement therapy that relies on a progressive and restorative approach to remove dysfunction from our bodies, while functionally repairing neurologically inhibited movement patterns created from improper training, trauma, incorrect adaptations, and poor posture.

Pick up our PhysioKinetix Mobility Training System today and begin to “Move For Life”  with us the way your body originally intended!

-Paul Kelly



Mobility Training is the initial building block to learning how to develop “Movement For Life” and living a pain free, high functioning life. Welcome to Level 1 Mobility Training.

Included In Level 1 Mobility Training: Mobility DVD/Download, Corrective Exercise Manual, Movement Therapy Calendar, XLite Loop Band, XLite Knee Band, PKT Proprioceptive Balance Pad, PKT Yoga Mat, Limited Edition PKT Performance Towel

$350-400, plus tax and shipping

PKT "Mobility" Training System (Level 1)

PhysioKinetix Level 1 “Mobility” Training System - In our first level of PhysioKinetix you will work on a progressive, restorative, and functional approach to correcting your weak strain patterns that affect the human body and cause serious dysfunction or pain. We will systematically begin to remove the fear of pain from movement, build a stronger brain/body connection through quality repetition patterns, and slow down the aging process by preventing joint degeneration through proper fitness. When you finish Mobility Training you will understand the fundamentals of primal movement, how to prevent serious injury from occurring, and how to correct dysfunctions from becoming present in your body. Regardless of age, skill level, or current physical condition,



Scoliosis, Dowagers Hump, Piriformis, TMJ, and much more) many of us deal with on a daily basis due to improper reflexive adaptations and overall movement issues.

Included In Level 2 Total Pain Management Training System: Mobility&Stability DVD/Download, (2) Corrective Exercise Manuals, Movement Therapy Calendar, (2) XLite Loop Bands, (2) Lite Loop Bands, XLite Knee Band, Lite Knee Band, PKT Balance Pad, PKT Yoga Mat, PKT Performance Handle Set, PKT Door Anchor

$650-700, plus tax and shipping

Levels 1+2 'Pain Management' Training System  (Mobility/Stability)

PhysioKinetix Total Pain Management Training System Welcome to our Total Pain Management Training System. We’ve bundled our Level 1 “Mobility” Training System with our Level 2 “Stability” Training System to offer our clients a road map to self-recovery and a pain free life. Our PKT Total Pain Management package comes complete with 16 techniques, 16 neuro-strengthening modifiers, and 16 graded exposure movements, used to strengthen your brain/body connection. These clinically tested routines are guaranteed to give clients the opportunity to permanently remove the fear of pain from movement, as well as self-correct chronic dysfunctions (Back Pain, Neck Pain, Shoulder Pain, Foot Pain, Sciatica,



neuromuscular systems, while keeping ourselves injury and pain free in the process.  We accomplish this by utilizing proper cross-patterning in all 3 planes of motion, providing cardiorespiratory fitness, increasing our metabolic response, and restoring reflexive/balance relationships inside of our body. Level 3 Training is the perfect package for fitness aficionados, and a great way to continue to correctly “Move For Life” with us The PKT Way!

Included In Level 3 Total Endurance Training: Mobility/Stability/Power DVD&Download,(3) Movement Science Manuals,Movement Therapy Calendar,PKT Proprioceptive Balance Pad, PKT Yoga Mat, PKT Door Anchor, PKT Performance Handles (Use With Resistance Bands), PKT Stretch Strap/Tree Anchor, XLite Knee Band 3-6lbs, Lite Knee Band 10-12lbs, Medium Knee Band 15-20lbs,( 2) XLite Loop Bands 5-15lbs, (2) Lite Loop Bands 10-30lbs, Medium Loop Band 25-55lbs, (1) PKT Wall Anchor

$1,000-1,050, plus tax and shipping

Levels 1-3 'Endurance' Training System (Mobility/Stability/Power)

Endurance Is Everything - Our Total Endurance Training System is a culmination of the first 3 Levels in our PhysioKinetix line (Mobility/Stability/Power), created for healthy, active, mobile individuals to further refine your fitness needs. Endurance Training users are just as serious about performance as they are about keeping themselves injury free. That is why we’ve included the first 2 levels in our PKT Training System with our third level, “Power” Training. To provide mobile/stable individuals with an opportunity to add power to their frame progressively, while still providing a roadmap to recovery and pain free living. The ultimate goal of Total Endurance Training is to strengthen our entire



Included In Level 4 Complete “Move For Life” Training system: Mobility/Stability/Power/Performance DVD&Download, (4) Movement Science Manuals, Movement Therapy Calendar, PKT Proprioceptive Balance Pad, PKT Yoga Mat, PKT Door Anchor, PKT Performance Handles (Use With Resistance Bands), PKT Stretch Strap/Tree Anchor, XLite Knee Band 3-6lbs, Lite Knee Band 10-12lbs, Medium Knee Band 15-20lb, (2) XLite Loop Bands 5-15lb, (2) Lite Loop Bands 10-30lb, Medium Loop Band 25-55lb, Heavy Loop Band 50-100lbs, Xtreme Loop Band 75-165lbs, Limited Edition PKT Gym Carry Bag, Limited Edition PKT Water Bottle, Limited Edition PKT Fitness Towel

$1,500, plus tax and shipping

Levels 1-4 The Complete "Move For Life" Training System

Ready To Move For Life With Us -  Paul Kelly’s PhysioKinetix Complete “Move For Life” Training System has been created with everyone in the world in mind. We know that’s a large claim, but hear us out first. No matter what you do in your everyday life, you use your body to accomplish your everyday tasks. Children, Adults, Elderly, Business Professionals, Hobbyists, Weekend Warriors, Pro Athletes, ect. We all rely on movement to accomplish our goals. Each Day, everyone in the world finds themselves in a never ending cycle of Use our body/Fix our body/Maintain our body. PhysioKinetix understands this, which is why our ultimate purpose is to eliminate the severity and length of time spent in those “fix” stages. We accomplish this through a progressive brain/body approach, proper functional biomechanics, and appropriate neurologic cross-patterning techniques. That when used systematically, are designed to develop more mobility, better balance, and added power for every individual in all 3 planes of motion.

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