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5 Ways The Dolphin Neurostim Can Help Fibromyalgia Symptoms

After osteoarthritis, Fibromyalgia is known to be the most common musculoskeletal condition. Its main characteristic is muscular/musculoskeletal pain. The other common Fibromyalgia symptoms are fatigue, dry mouth, eyes and nose, stiffness, chronic headaches, incontinence and sometimes depression. However, achiness and pain around the joints in hips, back, shoulders or neck is the most important symptom.

Dolphin Neurostim™ is an effective, natural and really simple hybrid modality that employs a specialized hand held device for relieving pain and other Fibromyalgia symptoms. It stimulates, using a low frequency microcurrent, the specific points of your body which have been identified as the therapeutically active points for pain relief. This hand held device can help you fight symptoms of Fibromyalgia in 5 ways:


A low frequency and highly concentrated microcurrent is applied to specific points of your body by this hand held device. These points are known to be a proper combination of acupuncture as well as motor and trigger points for the relief from pain like that of Fibromyalgia.

2. ACTING ON THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEM By exerting its action on the key target points, Dolphin Neurostim™ can calm or simply deregulate your Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Your ANS sometimes gets abnormally up regulated by emotional stress, nerve problems, injuries, scars and many more harmful conditions similar to Fibromyalgia. Thus, it restores the balance between the two branches of your ANS (the sympathetic and the parasympathetic nervous systems) and reduces the muscular tension and relieves the pain and Fibromyalgia symptoms.

3. RELEASING “FEEL GOOD HORMONES” FROM THE BRAIN Similar to traditional acupuncture needles, the low frequency current of the Dolphin releases endorphins from your brain that are known to make you feel good and also relieve the pain by internally operating mechanisms.

4. RELAXING MUSCLES Dolphin Neurostim™ reduces the undue pressure on your nerves and relieves pain. It does so by stimulating the therapeutically active points and trigger points of your body that relate to muscle groups which are shortened/tightened/contracted in Fibromyalgia, thereby releasing them. It also keeps your muscles soft and supple, protecting them against any injury.

5. IMPROVING CIRCULATION Dolphin Neurostim™ has the ability to maintain good blood circulation in any area where it is applied. This way a sufficient amount of oxygen and nutrients reach your muscles, maintaining their vigor and health and thus playing a role in treating Fibromyalgia symptoms.

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