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We have a S A U N A!

10 Reasons You Should Try It!

*Infrared Sauna Benefits*

1. Heart Health & Longevity ~Lower death rates from cardiovascular disease & stroke ~Decrease BP & increase in blood vessel diameter

2. Detoxification of Harmful Chemicals & Heavy Metals ~Skin is a major detox organ ~Eliminating compounds such as PCBs, metals, & toxins stored in fat cells

3. Athletic Recovery for Pros & Weekend Warriors ~Increase growth hormones, which are crucial for repair & recovery ~Increases blood flow to skeletal muscles, which fuels them with glucose, amino acids, fatty acids, & oxygen while removing by-products such as lactic acid & calcium ions

4. Arthritic & Muscular Pain Relief ~Increases anti-inflammatory compounds such as noradrenaline, adrenaline, cortisol, & growth hormones, as well as endorphins

5. Muscle Gain & Fat Loss ~Improve insulin sensitivity ~Decreases muscle protein catabolism

6. Immune System Boost ~Increases white blood cell, lymphocyte, neutrophil, & basophil count ~Reduces incidences of colds & flu

7. Skin Rejuvenation ~Helps remove bacteria from epidermal layer of the skin ~Increases skin health, tone, & color & cleanse pores

8. Improved Sleep ~Provides deeper, more relaxed sleep Relieves chronic tension & fatigue issues

9. Increase Cardiovascular Performance ~Increase in oxygen consumption & red cell production

10. Increased Stress Resilience ~Promotes heat shock proteins, which are crucial to stress resistance, prevention of free radical damage, support of cellular antioxidant capacity & repair of damaged proteins

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