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Address Root Cause with Our Biomagnetism Specialist

Address the root cause of an ailment and not just the symptom with Biomagnetism✨

Jennifer Woodson is a certified Biomagnetic practitioner. She received her certifications through Dr. Luis Garcia in N.J.

She discovered Biomagnetic Therapy two years ago after she had flown over her handlebars in a bike accident. She was unable to raise her arm more than just above the waist. It was day four after the accident that a fellow therapist brought in some magnets and placed them on the shoulder. She has had full range of motion since then. This spiked her interest and she immediately bought the magnets and textbook from Dr. Garcia. Since then she has taken level 1 and 2, and the advanced course in Biomagnetism. In the first course, she had the opportunity to be worked on by Dr. Garcia for TBIs. This was another eye opening experience for Jennifer. Since this session, she has been able to sleep through the night, no more headaches, and severe neck pain eliminated. She has become very passionate about this modality and is looking forward to helping others achieve better health with Biomagnetic Therapy.

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