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This past Saturday and Sunday Sports Massage & Rehabilitation staff worked on adding new tools to the toolbox.

We practiced Thai bodywork and did integrated manual therapy for cervical & arm conditions. We worked on AROM (active range of motion), PROM (passive range of motion), MRT (muscle resistance testing), myofascial release/compression breading, cross fiber gliding strokes/trigger point work, multidirectional friction, movement (pain free), & eccentric muscle contraction. We practiced postural assessment & nerve compression tests, special orthopedic tests, vertebral artery compression test & superficial front line, C1-C2 shearing forces, atlanto-axial mobilization & facet joint correction, sub-occipital work & C1-C2 rotation correction, thoracic outlet & adhesive capsule shoulder work.

It's great to have such talented therapists working together! Keeping focus on what's best for our clients.

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