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Manage Lyme Disease with Biomagnetism

The CDC estimates nearly 630,000 new cases of Lyme disease each year.

Lyme disease has three stages. While, without treatment, each stage and its symptoms usually progress into the next, the rate at which Lyme disease spreads varies significantly.


Days or weeks after infection

• Skin rash

• Headaches or stiff neck

• Flu-like symptoms, including fever or chills

• Muscle and joint pain

• Fatigue or lack of energy

• A small bump or redness at tick bite

• Swollen lymph nodes


Weeks or months after infection

•Multiple skin rashes

• Heart palpitations 

• Fainting/syncope

• Pain or numbness in arms and legs

• Extreme joint pain

• Profound fatigue

• Headaches and lack of energy

• Bell’s palsy (facial paralysis)

• Poor memory or inability to concentrate


Months or even years after infection

• Arthritis, particularly in knee or near

point of infection

• Nervous system problems, including

numbness and tingling in hands, legs, feet, or back

• Stiff neck, severe headaches, or migraines

• Problems with memory, hearing and vision

• Chronic debilitating fatigue

• Mood or sleep disorders

• Inflammation of heart or brain

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