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Balance and Restore Traumatic Brain Injuries with Biomagnetism

Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI) can be caused from emotional and physical harm.

Some of the Common Symptoms of TBI:

+ Headaches

+ Dizziness

+ Nausea

+ Vomiting

+ Lack of motor coordination

+ Change in sleep patterns

+ Emotional symptoms such as mood swings

Some of the Serious Symptoms of TBI:

+ Difficulty thinking or concentrating

+ Severe headaches or nausea

+ Slurred speech

+ Memory problem

+ Unconsciousness

+ Seizures

The Effects of Moderate and Severe TBI on Cognitive, Emotional and Physical Wellbeing:


+ Diminished attention span

+ Impaired decision making

+ Lack of impulse control

+ Memory lapses

+ Confusion


+ Anxiety

+ Apathy

+ Aggression

+ Personality changes

+ Post-traumatic stress disorder


+ Loss of consciousness

+ Post-injury amnesia (> 1 day)

+ Headaches, migraines

+ Dizziness, vertigo

+ Sound sensitivity

+ Seizures

+ Blurred vision

+ Dry eye

+ Chronic pain

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