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💥New Service Announcement!💥

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Sports Massage and Rehabilitation is now offering Manual Lymphatic Drainage!⁣

MLD gently assists the lymphatic system in maintaining the body’s fluid balance, blood circulation, & immune mechanisms. Light rhythmic movements stimulate the lymphatic system without compressing the vessels, offering many benefits!⁣

Book with Luda to experience its amazing benefits!⁣

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I have relied on Sports Massage & Rehab for many years as part of my overall wellness and recovery from exercise and related injuries. I recently had my first session with Luda who was great. She is very intuitive and was able to resolve the issues I was having including areas that were influencing my knee limitation. She used a combination of techniques during the session as my body required. I would recommend and use her for future services along with the other therapists as available.

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